Connectivity :Hybrid Solution

Connectivity :Hybrid Solution

MPLS and the regular internet lines are the optimal professional method for business connectivity to meet the business requirements for accessing variety of cloud apps and the best utilisation of the telecom networks. 

Through MPLS VPN,the traffic use configured secure, high-performance IP network based on guaranteed network quality with the ability of automatic provisioning and encryption of the business critical data.

but the regular public internet connection, still less expensive and a lot of business are depending on cloud computing technology- so the best option is the data capacity offloading between the IP VPN MPLS networks and the public internet where the public internet will be used for cloud computing and non critical data transmission.

cost saving in this scenario is coming from the ability of the business owners to apply there own security procedures and there techniques of traffic routing where the could decrease the cost of the IP VPN MPLS connections and just use it for critical data while the other data will be transmitted via the public internet