Single Order Generic Ethernet Access

 The next big thing…

SOGEA, Single Order Generic Ethernet Access, the newest product to enter the market from Openreach. 

SOGEA makes it possible to provide Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) eliminating the need to have a phone line. SoGEA will be the next big thing in the telecommunication industry, and Next Vision is here to help advance your technology at home.

Residential homes are moving forward with the latest technology, and this includes the traditional house phone for which you need a landline. With smart phones readily accessible and affordable, consumers are ditching the house phone and using their mobiles as a primary form of communication. Why pay extra for a landline that you don’t need or use? That’s were we come in. We can provide the service and product, catered specifically for you.

The new technology marks the end and start of an era. Openreach plan to eradicate all landlines by the year 2025, that’s 50,000 phone lines removed per week. You can get ahead of the game today by registering with Next Vision, were a lifetime price guarantee will solve all your deal finding problems.

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Different SOGEA direct packages will be announced soon